What is PayToo Start?

PayToo Start is the easiest way to establish credit and is attached to your PayToo™ Account.

It just requires a cash collateral deposit in the same amount of the desired credit line.

Establish or improve your credit score today by making the $25 minimum monthly payment and maintaining your balance below your selected PayToo Start secured credit line.

Applying for PayToo Start is easy and will help to establish or re-establish your credit by reporting your payment activity to major credit bureaus.

Why PayToo Start?

1 No credit check for approval
2 Instant acceptation
3 Works for everyone
4 Reports to the major credit bureaus
5 No checking account required.
6 No additional monthly fees.
7 Your credit limit is determined by your cash collateral deposit of $200 up to $1,000.
Happy couple saving with PAYTOO Start

How does PayToo Start Work?

Open your FREE PayToo™ account

Apply for your PayToo Start account

Make a secure deposit into your PayToo Account and start using it

We report to the major credit bureaus


We are always available to help. Click on our FAQ or contact us below.

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