PAYTOO Start is a great option for teaching your teenagers and college students about the responsibilities of financial spending.

PAYTOO Start will help control your spending since you must have the money in the account before you can make a purchase, unlike a traditional credit card where you don't have to have the money to back up your purchases.

Who is PayToo?

PayToo and PAYTOO Start are the Brands or PayToo Corp, a company registered in Florida. You can view more information about PayToo at

What is a Secured PAYTOO Start account?

How does the Secured PAYTOO Start account work?

How is the Secured PAYTOO Start account different from a prepaid card?

Will my security deposit earn interest?

Can I withdraw money from my account without lowering my credit limit?

Will PAYTOO Start account ever become unsecured?

Still Have Questions?

For questions related to your application we can be reached at by calling 1 888-363 -1895

Once your account is opened, our Customer Service Center is available 24/7 by contacting 1-888-363-1895 or visiting

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